Profile Setting

Users can modify their profile picture and display name in the Edit Profile Settings. The profile picture will be visible to colleagues who search for your profile.

The Edit Profile consists of four action buttons; each allows you to do the following actions:

  1. Profile Picture: Click on the Change button and upload your photo. You and your colleagues can see your photo when they search for your profile in the Portal. Your initial profile picture is the one from your Microsoft 365 account. Uploading a new photo will not change your Microsoft 365 profile picture.

  2. Reset: Click to reset the Profile Picture to the one from your Microsoft 365 account.

  3. Display Name: Enter your display name for the Portal. Changing your display name here will not affect your Microsoft 365 display name.

  4. Job Title, Department and Location: Read-only. Matched with your Microsoft 365 account.

Please note that all changes will be made after you saved.

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